Are you a health or family professional working with families in special situations?

If you know a family whose circumstances mean that existing education and care (child care) services cannot meet their needs, In Home Care provided by NSW In Home Childcare Services may be the solution.

Why NSW In Home Childcare Services?

Because we are a not for profit organisation and have been providing In Home Care for 18 years. Providing In Home Care is ALL we do so we do it well.

The program

NSW In Home Childcare Services offers education and care under the Australian Government’s In Home Care program

This program offers a subsidised educator in the family home to assist families who are unable to access mainstream child care options.

The educator delivers similar education and care to the children as they would get in Family Day Care, Long Day Care or Out of School Hours Care, in the family’s own home.

Families can only use In Home Care if they are eligible to receive the Child Care Subsidy. Some families may also be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy which further reduces the cost.

Families can use as much In Home Care as they wish (and can afford) – full day care for children who haven’t started school or before and after school care for children who have. Care is also available in the evening and weekends for shift workers.

Who can you refer?

You can refer a family that:

  • has a child who has an illness or disability
  • has an adult member who has an illness or disability which affects their ability to care for their child
  • lives in an area that is too far from other education and care services
  • works hours that are outside normal childcare hours


Families are eligible for In Home Care if they are eligible for Child Care Subsidy and able to demonstrate that the other types of approved child care are not suitable or available and where:

  • parents or carers are working non-standard or variable hours, outside normal child care service hours OR
  • parents or carers are geographically isolated from other types of approved child care, particularly in rural or remote locations OR
  • the family has challenging or complex needs, including where families are experiencing challenging situations, and other approved child care services are not able to meet the needs of the child or the family.

Challenging or complex needs mean:

  • a child with additional needs or a disability whose early childhood education and care requirements cannot be catered for in another approved child care setting, or through other government funded or community-based services
  • a family where a parent is undergoing treatment for a serious illness
  • other complex family situations that prevent families from accessing other approved child care types.


The process


Would you like to refer a family to NSW In Home Childcare Service?

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Once we’ve talked to you about the family’s needs we’ll connect you with the NSW In Home Care Support Agency who will determine the family’s eligibility and draw up a formal Family Management Plan. Tell the Agency that you want NSW In Home Childcare Services to be the family’s service provider.


Once the family has a Family Management Plan, we start the process of finding the best educator for that family.

'A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.'


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